Mechanical Division

Mechanical Division

E.H. Price Montréal’s Mechanical Division supplies and supports commercial HVAC systems to the mechanical contractors, engineers and commercial building owners. Whether it’s a design build or bid and spec project, we integrate up-to-date technology and reliable, energy efficient products with knowledgeable support for all your HVAC applications.

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  • Air-Cooled DOAS Units
    • Up to 20,000 CFM
    • Heating Options: Gas, Electric, Steam and Hydronic
    • Cooling Options: Hydronic and DX (Packaged or Split)
    • Energy Recovery Options
  • Customizable Air Handlers
    • Up to 100,000 CFM
    • Indoor / Outdoor Construction
    • Single / Double Wall Construction
    • Heating Options: Gas, Electric, Steam and Hydronic
    • Cooling Options: Hydronic and DX (Packaged or Split)
    • Energy Recovery
    • Packaged Control
  • Make-Up Air Units
    • Direct Fired: 250 – 15,000 MBH
    • Indirect Fired Drum and Tube: 200 – 6,000 MBH
    • Indirect Fired Convoluted Tube: 75 – 1,200 MBH
    • 90% Efficient Indirect Fired: 250 – 1,600 MBH
  • Rooftop Units (8 – 250 Tons)
    • Highly Configurable
    • Heating Options: Indirect Gas, Electric, Steam and Hydronic
    • Cooling Options: Hydronic and DX (Packaged Up to 160 Tons and Split Up to 250 Tons)
    • Energy Recovery Options


  • RegenCore Alternating Mass-Exchanger Energy Recovery Units
    • No Pre-Heat Requirements Down to Outdoor Temperatures of -40°C
    • Up to 92% Effectiveness


  • High Performance Fan Coils
    • Optional Integrated Silencer
    • Standard ECM Motor
  • Horizontal Blower Coils
  • Vertical Fan Coils
    • Concealed and Exposed


  • Chilled Beams
    • Linear, Modular, Horizontal, Vertical and Floor-Mounted Active
    • Linear Passive
    • Passive with Integrated Returns
    • Controls and Hose Kits
  • Retrofit Perimeter Induction Units


  • Commercial and Custom Silencers
  • Rectangular, Elbow and Circular Silencers
  • Absorptive, Film-Lined and Packless Silencers
  • Air Transfer and Cross-Talk Silencers
  • Acoustic Panels, Enclosures and Barriers
  • Acoustical Louvers


  • Valves
    • Venturi Valves – High Turndown Ratio and Mechanical Pressure Independence
    • Venturi FX – Measured Airflow and Low Pressure Operation
    • Integrated Venturi Valve Assembly Options
      • Performance Guaranteed Venturi with Integrated Silencer Assemblies
      • AHRI 410 Certified Venturi with Hot Water Coil Assemblies
      • UL1995 Certified Venturi with Electric Coil Assemblies
  • Monitors and Controls
    • Room Monitors
      • Touchscreen Room Pressure Monitor – High Resolution Touchscreen Display
      • Multi-Variable Monitor – High Resolution Touchscreen Displaying up to 8 Rooms on Main Screen
      • All Monitors Have Native BACnet MS/TP Connection
    • Room Pressure Controllers
      • Volumetric Offset, Direct Pressure and Dynamic Offset Control
      • Temperature and Humidity Control
    • Pace™ Critical Space Controller
      • Volumetric Offset or Pressure Control
      • Temperature and Humidity Control
    • Fume Hood Controls
      • Fume Hood Controller
        • Sash Position Sensing Fume Hood Control
        • Sidewall Sensing Fume Hood Control
        • Hybrid Fume Hood Control
        • Presence Sensing
        • Fume Hood Interface


  • Commercial Hydronic Heating Products Including:
    • Commercial Wall-Fin Radiation
    • Light Commercial Wall-Fin Radiation
    • Cabinet Unit Heaters
    • Convectors
    • Horizontal and Vertical Unit Heaters
    • Panel Radiators
    • Custom Enclosure
    • Security Enclosure


  • Heat and Energy Recovery
    • HRVs and ERVs for Residential Applications
    • HRVs and ERVs for Commercial Applications
    • Central Air and Fan Coils
    • Air Exchangers
    • Controls and Accessories


  • Fabric Duct Ventilation
  • Fabric Faced Diffusers
  • Final Filters
  • Underfloor Fabric Duct


  • Radiant Panels
  • Chilled Sails
  • Active Beams
  • Induction Units
  • Available With:
    • Hydronic Controls
    • Condensate Sensors
    • Hose Kits


  • MiniPac ®
    • Standard Sizes of 100 – 1800 CFM Process Air
    • Fully Self-Contained Unitary Design
    • Insulated Process and React Airflow Sectors
    • Dry Desiccant Rotor with Stainless Steel Flange
    • Electric Reactivation Heat System
    • Integral Volume Dampers
    • ETL Listed System Design
    • Integrated Control System
    • Optional Humidistat Control
    • Optional Pre and Post Cooling Modules
    • Optional Stainless Steel Construction
  • VFB™ and EcoDry Series
    • Standard Sizes of 300 – 30,000 CFM Process Air
    • Single or Double Wall Construction
    • Dry Desiccant Rotor with Chain Drive
    • Direct Drive Fans with Premium Motors
    • Chilled Water, Ammonia or Packaged DX Pre or Post Cooling
    • Steam, Electric or Gas Heating and Regen Options
    • Hinged Access Doors
    • Lights and Miscellaneous Power Options
    • VFD Fan Motor Control Optional
    • Reactivation Energy Recovery Options

® and ™ Trademarks of Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.



  • ECOiX EX™ Series Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), Multi-Zone, Heat Pump and Heat Recovery Systems
    • Dual Large-Capacity Inverter Compressors
    • Enlarged Heat-Exchanger Surface Area with Triple Surface
    • Gas-Liquid Separation and Oil Separation for Increased Efficiency
    • Large Air Discharge Area with New Flush Surface Top Panel
    • Newly Designed Curved Air Discharge Bell Mouth for Better Aerodynamics
    • High 0.32 inch W.C. External Static Pressure – Large Diameter Fan (27-1/2″)
    • Compatible with Various Types of Indoor Units:
      • 4-Way Cassette
      • Mini Cassette
      • Wall-Mounted
      • Low Profile Duct
      • Mid Static Duct
      • Ceiling


  • Air Distribution Products
    • Extra Direct and Indirect Fire Air Units With or Without Cooling
    • Air Handling Units
    • Fan Coil
    • Energy Recovery Units
    • Energy Recovery Equipment
    • Variations in Cooling
    • Coils
  • Products for Energy Recovery
    • VRE / ERV: Energy Recovery Ventilator
    • ERH / VREH: Energy Recovery Ventilator with Heating
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  • Large Fans for Commercial and Industrial Applications
    • Summer Cooling
    • Winter Destratification / Heat Recirculation
    • High Volume, Low Speed Fans 8’ to 24’ in Diameter


  • Anti-Vibration Seismic Roof Bases
    • Unitized Curbs and Rails for Rooftop Mounted Mechanical Equipment


  • Containment Systems for Laboratory, Pilot Plant and Manufacturing Areas
  • Specialists in Nanotechnology and Powder Containment
  • Dedicated Engineers on Staff to Assist in Custom Equipment


  • Complete Compact System
    • Vertical Water-Cooled Units: 3 to 35 t
    • Vertical Air-Cooled Units: 3 to 35 t
    • Water-Cooled Heat Pump Units: 3 to 35 t
    • Water-Cooled Units for Limited Space (Space Saver): 2 to 15 t
    • Water-Cooled Units for Ceiling Mounting: 1 to 3 t
    • Air-Cooled Units for Ceiling Mounting: 1 to 3 t


  • HVAC Specialty Products
    • Building Automation Starters
    • Standard Automation Starters
    • Cooling Tower Controls
    • Kitchen Hood Controls
    • Pump and HVAC Controls
    • Variable Frequency Drive: Q-link


  • 10 T to 2000 T Model
    • All Delta towers are “rotationally molded” of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic.
    • Excellent chemical resistance – unaffected by chemicals typically used for cooling water treatment.
    • Not affected by acids or salt water.
    • Does not support growth of algae, bacteria, or fungi.
    • Resin contains UV inhibitors to prevent degradation.
    • Can withstand inlet temperatures of up to 180°F.
  • Corrosion Proof
    • Delta cooling towers are made of a corrosion proof engineered plastic. The cooling tower shell will never rust, flake, chip, peel, or ever need painting or protective coatings applied.
  • Seamless
    • Delta manufactures a seamless cooling tower. Delta towers are the only large packaged cooling towers in the industry that have a one-piece shell.
    • This means there are no seams, panels, rivets, or hundreds of fasteners to leak or compromise the performance or integrity of the product.
  • Light Weight
    • Due to the materials of construction, Delta cooling towers can be 30% to 50% lighter in weight than steel towers of the same capacity.
    • This is beneficial on roof installations, light weight raised platforms, or at ground level installations by reducing the rigging / placement cost.
  • Value
    • There has generally been a trade-off between long-term durability achieved through the choice of materials of construction, and the overall cooling tower cost.
    • Delta has broken this traditional trade-off by offering cooling towers with excellent corrosion protection at cost comparable to those with far lesser protection.
  • 20 Year Warranty
    • Delta stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry. Delta provides a 20 year warranty on the cooling towers structural shell.
    • In addition, Delta cooling tower motors have a 5 year warranty.